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Proactive, Preventative, 

At A Price That Suits

Looking for high quality, evidence-based wellbeing content that supports your employees with the freedom to choose from live or on demand micro-coaching sessions? Safe Space has created the perfect solution.

Our anonymous platform allows your employees to learn at their own pace, selecting from topics that are relevant to them, at a time that is most convenient.


We support our users on their journey towards maintaining and improving their mental wellbeing, through personalised moments with mental health professionals and virtual workshops.

Promote consistent wellbeing by subscribing your whole team to one of our monthly plans today.



Live anonymous virtual drop-ins, speaking with qualified 

therapists and psychologists 

addressing personal questions.

Lighten Up


On-demand virtual workshops addressing stress-causing topics such as finances, sleep, relationships.

Level Up



On-demand virtual workshops covering relaxation techniques such as breathwork and meditation.

Loosen Up

How It Works?

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Discover Your Best Self

Enrol to our "always-on" engaging and expert led workshops across a number of topics designed to help your team level up, lighten up and loosen up.




Create A Caring Culture

Enroll our "always on" engaging and expert led workshops across a number of topics designed to help your team level up, lighten up, and loosen up.

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Give The Gift Of Wellness

By working with Safe Space, you’re not only helping your employees, but you’re also supporting a global community, as with every subscription we receive, someone in need is gifted free access to our platform.

Plan For Your Employees

 To Succeed

As well as supporting employees, we also provide employers with guidance, strategy, and the tools they need to create a corporate culture that prioritises mental wellbeing.

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Simply click subscribe and let us take care of the rest. It’s that easy!