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Community, Collaboration, Conversation 

A “Community” is a group of people, sharing common interests or experiences, that aim to affirm, support, and challenge each other, acting honestly, both individually and collectively, towards defending and advancing the common interests of the group. 


Safe Space started out as a community outreach initiative, which is why collaboration remains at the core of everything we do. That’s why we stay committed to creating awareness and serving those around us with a number of free resources to support them in their personal and mental development. 

Safe Space Spotlight

Join us live in the zoom room or on Facebook - Safe Space Social - each week, where we interview international speakers on a variety of topics, sharing mental health stories designed to motivate and inspire you.

Submit your questions in advance of each sessions and communicate directly with international thought leaders.

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Mental Health Is Trending

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Working in collaboration with fashion brand Heartknoxx, #Mentalhealthistrending generates awareness for mental illnesses whilst raising profits for the Mental Health Foundation. ​

The social platform focuses on stories of strength, promoting slogan tees that make statements, start conversations, and help normalise the concept of mental illness. 

Safe Space On Slack

Join our channel for HR leaders where each week we'll share links and tips from other great initiatives to ensure you're always up to date on what's trending in wellbeing. 

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